Howdy all!

Howdy All, we had a good turnout at High Tunstall yesterday, we also had the sun. I’ve had a few texts about this Sunday, we didn’t plan to meet, and we wont be because it’s cold wet and miserable. Our next training session will be Sunday the 3rd Of May It will be in Seaton Park and will technically be our opening day, so I’ll find something to make it special.

Please welcome Max (Juniors) and Dan Skipper (Adults) who is a Toronto Blue Jays Fan :> We should be seeing them at the field shortly.

We have the 31st of May earmarked for a trip to Sunderland to play mannys’ team. It should be a good day out.

Our website is near completion, as are our large posters, we need places to put them to advertise the team, if you know of anywhere or anyone who can accommodate them it would be appreciated.

Finally, Leison, Yasmin and I are doing the Park Run Tomorrow
on the Seafront. If anyone wants to come and run with us or walk it, get yourselves there, message me !!! Cheers for Now Smithy.

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