Morning All! 5th May 2015

Morning All, the weather is going to be ok for tonight. There is a rumour that the sun may come out for us. 6pm -8pm Seaton Park, Entry is from Station Lane. After a long hard battle we have been granted ‘Sportivate’ Status from Hartlepool Borough Council. Which means we tick all the boxes (supposedly)

Our Website is looking something like the finished article (thanks to Kat And Mal)

Could everyone please search for it on google so that it moves up the google charts, making it easier to find. Before it goes public the websites goal is to get a ‘MEET THE TEAM’ section where each one of us will have a small resume’, possibly a mug shot, our interests (not laying in bed Bryan) on the site. Pray for the sun peeps !! It’s trying in Seaton now.


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