This Saturday the 25TH Of June ’16. The Seals who aren’t on holiday are completing the 5K Park Run to promote our team. You Just need a bar code and away you go, it starts at 9am prompt if you fancy giving it a go, contact us. Paul.

Ps there’s a goodie bag for one random runner.

tired seal

Facebook:  Summerhill Seals to keep an eye on the runners.


Howdy Folks, Weather is still dreadful…..
We had our yearly meeting last week, of it came some dates and ideas etc.Kathryn Davis will now be taking over some of the secondary tasks and will be assistant coach, Nathan Hall is massively tied up with work at the moment, big thanks for his involvement over the last 4 years, hopefully we will see him back soon. Malcolm Willett has been working on the Website please see . Under the ‘meet us’ bit we will each have a photo and a small resume, if you are a regular you will have your mugshot there shortly, please have a LOOK.

Dates for June and July are coming shortly, we have 3-4 games booked into the 2 months but they are floating/awaiting confirmation so they may not be in the usual rotation and could be on a Sunday, afternoon and one possibly after tea !!!!

We also have PARK RUN and Camping. Look at the schedules.
for the proposed dates. Nobody has the excuse of not being able to run 5k if Leison Little legs can do it. Its to promote the club.