Howdy Folks, Weather is still dreadful…..
We had our yearly meeting last week, of it came some dates and ideas etc.Kathryn Davis will now be taking over some of the secondary tasks and will be assistant coach, Nathan Hall is massively tied up with work at the moment, big thanks for his involvement over the last 4 years, hopefully we will see him back soon. Malcolm Willett has been working on the Website please see http://www.hartlepoolseals.com . Under the ‘meet us’ bit we will each have a photo and a small resume, if you are a regular you will have your mugshot there shortly, please have a LOOK.

Dates for June and July are coming shortly, we have 3-4 games booked into the 2 months but they are floating/awaiting confirmation so they may not be in the usual rotation and could be on a Sunday, afternoon and one possibly after tea !!!!

We also have PARK RUN and Camping. Look at the schedules.
for the proposed dates. Nobody has the excuse of not being able to run 5k if Leison Little legs can do it. Its to promote the club.



A bit late but I’ve been busy. Great night Tuesday, great teamwork, 7-1 wasn’t as bad as expected. They have to come and play down our way yet. Highlights were Leison Smith and Byron Bell stopping goals with their heads. Man of the match Has to be Bobbins Williams, he was however camped in the box for the whole hour. The two Maccas were also very busy in mid field. We have a break till my new shift pattern works itself out. Then we will be Baseball 2 out of 3 Tuesdays in the glorious sun !!!!!


Hartlepool Seals American Football

Hi, we are planning to start a group to promote American Football In Hartlepool. Whatever your interest in the Sport we would love for you to Join. We aim to start with several small flag football teams and run an indoor league during Autumn/Winter. We also hope to put together members interested in full contact football.

For more information follow our group on facebook:
Hartlepool Seals American Football 

Training with Hull Scorpions

Myself and a chosen quartet went and trained with the Hull Scorpions last night. It was a long hot journey but well worth it to play on a real diamond. They had a pitching machine that pelted the balls sky high into the outfield which was great fun. Kevin Macadam invited us back for pizza and he kindly gave us some kit. Including an up to date catchers mask (2 piece quick release) Randy was that chuffed he wore it for the journey home. Definitely thinking of us all camping down there next spring so we can have a full day. Massive Thanks once again Kevin.

To clarify. Randy and fireball were chosen because of Their help with the schools sessions and nuke because that guy catches 2 buses to come and play. Laters

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Tuesday 30th June Session

Well that was a scorcher, another brilliant turnout. Luke Brightman sent his apologies he struggled to get to Seaton tonight. We had some new faces. In the last five years we’ve had kids come and go, can’t remember us having a Rene’, who came with Morgan. Kathryn Davis made a couple of good solid catches from second. Andy Andrew Smith had some good stops at the dish, if I remember rightly two outs on third strike.
Fireball Bell (Josh) can certainly throw a ball. Bailey Bell gets a mention for constantly challenging my judging of the baseball rule book, never thought he actually listened. Paul Marsey also stopped some of my wild pitches. Well Done! Next Tuesday we have a game against some newbies. That means the starting line up will be announced Sunday evening. All of the Juniors will have a role, All I will be posting is the starting 10. It can all change once we start playing.

Once again thank you to everybody who turned up. I’ll die a happier man remembering 35 people in Seaton Park screaming “FOUL-BALL”. SMITHY

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Seals v Sunderland Friendly!

I can guarantee there will be some aching bones from today. Despite what we may think, the second game was not a push over. We had some great infield play. Tiger Tom came through pitching, man on the match had to be Nathan Hall, he didn’t bobble one ball on first base, I knew as soon as the ball was going to 1st it was an out. Luke made some brilliant stops, as short stop. I’m sure the photos will start appearing shortly, i’ll update a bit more tomorrow. I’ve had a brilliant day, with great people from the Baseball Family, proud of everyone’s performance.

!! We Play SEALS Baseball !! Smithy