Up Coming Dates

Next sessions down at Seaton Park.  6:30 pm 8:30pm

Tuesday 30th Of May.

Tuesday 6th Of June.

Come and join us !!!!!


Next Session Tues May 16th

Howdy all. Its been a bit of a mad week. The ‘Seaton Diamond Saga’ roles on. I have been given ‘mission impossible’ with regards to a free run of Seaton, this was never expected i can not see why anyone would oppose the playing of sports in a public
park !!!
However i have always done things by the book with the Councils Sports Team so i have to at least give it my best shot. I’ve got a week and a half to draft up proposals and arrange a public consultation and tweak our insurance.Without full backing we can’t use the park for planned events.
With that in mind: We WILL be back on Seaton Park on the 16th Of May 17. Fiery Hoops

Tuesday Night Training.

Yes, it was little cold Tuesday night. Big respect for everyone who braved it. The 3G are good in the off season but they are very expensive. Tomorrow Kat Mal Leison and I are at the Sports Domes, they have an American Themed day. That doesn’t mean we are pointing missiles at North Korea, but we are setting the pitching machine up indoors and letting people have an ‘at bat’, hopefully this will get some much needed publicity. I think there is an American themed BBQ and Bouncy Castle Etc, Etc. Have a pop down. As for the next move stay tuned the next E-Mail is about what we can do with Seaton Park, i got fobbed off too much last year so i’m starting early. See you all soon.

Almost forgot, play of the session was undoubtely Kimberley Dubovec Miller. Text book flyball catch. Others just blamed frostbite on dropped catches, pitiful.

Great Turnout Tuesday

First chance to post, apologies!
Great turnout Tuesday, nice to see some new faces and quite a few of the old ones. Play of the session goes to Kieron Day aka Dodger, he made some real slick ‘one hop’ throws to second. We are back at Brierton on Tuesday 7-8, this will be the last chance to get the word out folks, wherever you get the chance ‘share’ the Seals’ posts. The video will go back out again over the weekend inviting people to join us, share that too. We did get some replies via WUFOO. So i’ll be sharing them.

Were Back.

Howdy Folks. We are starting the Season off with two sessions on the 3G up at Brierton Sports Centre, till Seaton Park is ready.

Last years players and anyone wanting to play this year are welcome. Come and join the fun, we have a lot planned this year.

The Dates: Tuesday 18th 7-8pm. Tuesday 25th 7-8pm.

If you’re not on Facebook and want some more information. Give Paul a Call.


were back