Tuesday 30th June Session

Well that was a scorcher, another brilliant turnout. Luke Brightman sent his apologies he struggled to get to Seaton tonight. We had some new faces. In the last five years we’ve had kids come and go, can’t remember us having a Rene’, who came with Morgan. Kathryn Davis made a couple of good solid catches from second. Andy Andrew Smith had some good stops at the dish, if I remember rightly two outs on third strike.
Fireball Bell (Josh) can certainly throw a ball. Bailey Bell gets a mention for constantly challenging my judging of the baseball rule book, never thought he actually listened. Paul Marsey also stopped some of my wild pitches. Well Done! Next Tuesday we have a game against some newbies. That means the starting line up will be announced Sunday evening. All of the Juniors will have a role, All I will be posting is the starting 10. It can all change once we start playing.

Once again thank you to everybody who turned up. I’ll die a happier man remembering 35 people in Seaton Park screaming “FOUL-BALL”. SMITHY

IMG_20150630_183114736_HDR IMG_20150630_190431915_HDR IMG_20150630_201330355_HDR

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